Durant Bakery has been incredibly popular in the Wisconsin area for having the best quality home cooked sweets with quick easy convenience located at 112 West Main St., Durand, WI. We are here to make sure you have everything you need to make your celebrations Sweet from home, cooked with the kids, gorgeous, looking cupcakes, two ice cream, and a variety of cookies. We offer the highest quality cleanest ingredients, vegan, dairy, free, and gluten-free options as well to cater to everybody’s needs. We offer over 10 different cupcake, cookie and ice cream varieties ranging from availability to sweet, semi sweet to unsweetened. Our kitchen is one of the highest quality, and cleanest kitchens that has been baking out sweets and treats for our community for years and years successfully, helping our clients create memorable moments around the table and at birthday parties for years past and many years to come. One of our most popular items is homemade ice cream that we offer at $.75 to every new first time guest.

Our owner, Lauren Fuller loves to bake and wanted treats to look as good as they tasted. In 2007 she pursued a cake decorating class with lots of practice and three children later she opened up this beautiful shop to our community on Main Street. Durant Bakery offers a variety of sweets, but is incredibly focused on quality and service as well. All of our items are created from scratch which makes us one of the very few high Shops that offer in-house made items at a home-cooked quality giving you that amazing feeling at your very first bite. Lauren’s mother grew up cooking dinner and making her own dessert by the time she was a child and was able to cut out recipes from her grandmother’s magazines. She began the path of her talented baking adventures.

We are fully confident we get off every flavor you will need for your cookies. Our cookie flavors range from a variety of classic laborers to new seasonal flavors, as well as specials, innovative designs, and flavors that will wow you at Durant Bakery. We have flavors, such as snickerdoodles, frosted cookies, chocolate chips, and unicorn sugar cookies. As well as some more interesting flavors, such as cake, batter, red velvet, chocolate chip, and oatmeal cream pie. The great thing about our cookies is that we offer bake and no big cookies for even more chicken flavor. Something that we have come up with that has been a very popular hit since we released it was our peanut butter sandwich cookie flavor, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular specials we offer here and are excited to let you try it.

All of our cookies are made from scratch by our highly trained Fessional’s over by the quality, skilled baking talent, as well as ensuring careful consideration for the freshness and attendance to flavor and ingredients. We offer cookies and a variety of ways for you to enjoy it as well as large cookie trays to rock your apartment. So whether you were just walking by the street and want to grab a nice warm, homemade peanut butter sandwich, cookie, or bring a tray of unicorn sugar, cookies, red velvet, and cake better flavors to excite your guests at a party. We have everything you need.

Give us a call today to grab everything you need to wow your taste buds at 580-380-7777 One of our most popular items is homemade ice cream that we offer at $.75 to every new first time guest. check out our full menu. Everything is on our website at.https://cakedupdurant.com/

Durant Bakery | We All Scream For Free 75 Cent Ice Cream

Durant Bakery Has been around for only a few years. The most popular interested shops on W. Main St. in the Wisconsin area makes goods in Danner cakes, all made from scratch and from start to finish. We offer the highest quality, best tasting sweet treats for you and your family. Our owner has grown up with a passion for cake decorating and has gone from a simple stay at home mom bacon cakes for her children to eight full-time business owner that I successfully created innovating flavors and popular homemade ice cream that is taking her business to the next level, providing home-cooked, quality suites, Julian industry, and like any other.

One of the most popular items you’re famous for is made from scratch in-house churned ice cream. At Durant Bakery We offer our customers an experience unlike any other of tasting homemade ice cream you’re very first time they walk in as the VIP with a special discount of $.75 to try their 1st cup of homemade ice cream. And if you love the classics such as chocolate, strawberry and cookies and cream, or dare into the territory of trying, or peanut butter and banana pudding or cookie monster ice cream, we have what you need.

Community for such a long time we have become pros at understanding that it’s great to provide everyone with something they can have that’s why we continue to honor our classic flavors of ice cream while also innovating and provide you with new flavors of ice cream, such as snickerdoodle, cheesecake and coffee, chocolate chip at Durant Bakery. We know that it is risky to try an ice cream place you have never been to. That’s why it is our first time getting the VIP experience of getting it at that discount so you can really have a no risk opportunity to try out a new ice cream place and potentially find your new spot for Friday nights.

Just imagine bringing your family here and all the kids getting cited that they got pretty much free ice cream and then next week I’m driving around looking for somewhere to take the kids to blow off steam and get them to get all their energy out before bed. Why not go to the ice cream shop before you take them to the arcade and go bowling. Just imagine the joy of her kids, eating flavors such as Cookie Monster, banana, pudding, and even giggling that they have coffee in their coffee chocolate chip flavored ice cream. We are here to help you make memories

Give us a call today to grab everything you need for the party at 580-380-7777 One of our most popular items is homemade ice cream that we offer at $.75 to every new first time guest. check out our full menu. Everything is on our website at.https://cakedupdurant.com/