Durant Bakery is very popular in in the Wisconsin area for having the best quality home cook sweets with quick easy convenience located at 112 West Main St., Durand, WI. We are here to make sure you have everything you need to make your celebrations Sweet from home, cooked with the kids, gorgeous, looking cupcakes, two ice cream, and a variety of cookies. We offer the highest quality cleanest ingredients, vegan, dairy, free, and gluten-free options as well to cater to everybody’s needs. We offer over 10 different cupcake, cookie and ice cream varieties ranging from availability to sweet, semi sweet to unsweet. Our kitchen is one of the highest quality, and cleanliest kitchens that has been baking out sweets and treats for our community for years and years successfully, helping our clients create memorable moments around the table and at birthday parties for years past and many years to come.

We put ourselves in providing a chocolate strawberry and vanilla. Two lemon, lemon, blueberry, and pumpkin flavors to satisfy every seasonal craving and provide you with the classic comfort flavors you need. Here at Durant Bakery There’s a place for everybody as well as those adventurous ones are always going to try something new and mix it up with rice cakes that are able to be full-size kids as well as cake bites with a standard flavors as well seasonal flavors that can be adjusted with the pricing of writing with your case you get an interesting we were such as peanut butter, cinnamon, cream, cheese, and coconut.

So if you’re in the mood for something nostalgic, such as vanilla chocolate or cookies and cream, we have what you need and a cake,cake bite, cupcake, or ice cream. Our team is all handmade and his at home cook as it is because it is made in our own two kitchens by our lovely team here at Durant Bakery We offer a variety of baked goods as well bring you some cookies, cookie sandwiches, brownies, lemon bars, two carrot, cakes, sopapilla, cheesecake, and even cookie trays. We are sure that all of these varieties are going to give you a perfect item to choose from whether you were feeling nostalgic, adventurous, or just looking for a quality wow, factor to bring to your party that your gas will enjoy eating.

Customers have left coming to our shop for many many years you to the innovation we provide and our flavors as well as keeping the classic ones the classic ones we know that some people like chocolate chip cookies And some people are willing to try anything that’s what we have invented our famous peanut butter sandwich, cookie which I’ll give you.

Give us a call today to grab everything you need at 580-380-7777 One of our most popular items are homemade ice cream that we offer at $.75 to every new first time guest. check out our full menu. Everything is on our website at.https://cakedupdurant.com/

Durant Bakery | Home Cooked Quality

Durant Bakery It’s one of the most welcoming in quality treat shops located on 112 West Main St. in during Wisconsin, we have been serving our community delicious treats at home cooked quality for over three years. Our cake, decorators, chefs, and staff are fully equipped with everything they need to help you find exactly what you need to make your party even sweeter. Will you make sure that there is a family centered environment every time you walk in as well, providing in a bit of experience for young kids looking for that interesting you cupcake or sweet treat to try. We are famous for our homemade in Howse served ice cream that we want to offer to you at a incredibly discounted rate just for being a first time guest, making you feel at home and when we walk in the door.

Our owner, Lauren Fuller loves to bake and wanted treats to look as good as they tasted. In 2007 she pursued cake decorating class with lots of practice and three children later she has opened up this beautiful shop to our community on Main Street. Durant Bakery offers a variety of sweets, but is incredibly focus on quality and service as well. All of our items are created from scratch which makes us one of the very few high Shops that offer in-house made items at a home-cooked quality giving you that amazing feeling at your very first bite. Lauren’s mother grew up, cooking dinner and making her own dessert by the time she was a child and able to cut out recipe from her grandmothers magazines. She begin the path of her talented baking adventures.

Our shop is owned by Someone who really knows what it’s like to take care of a family, and be passionate about what she is doing. We went to provide that for you with your experience at Durant Bakery And reassure you that you will get nothing less. Sharing our love for baking and sweets and treats is our goal for you we have been heavily focus on bringing joy to every gathering with her between two people were entire party. We went to sweet to enhance the atmosphere, bring a smile to the face and sprinkle around a little generosity. That is why we can assure you that everything is made in house from scratch with a sprinkle of love as well.

When you consider our locally owned small family business with big dreams. You’re becoming a part of that vision of providing home-cooked quality made from scratch meals just at the convenience as the most mass manufactured goodies are as well. Do you want to be able to walk into Rebekah and got the most beautiful birthday cake I was handmade by somebody who loves what they do and does what they love for a living, making it much more exciting and even some say it makes it taste better when it’s made with care. Instead of running around to the grocery store looking for the flavor that your child wants and ultimately being unhappy The offers and flavor varieties

Give us a call today at580-380-7777 or visit us on our website at https://cakedupdurant.com/