Durant Bakery it’s one of the Wisconsin area’s most popular shops that has been doing business for years, the right way, leaving our customers, always leaving our shop with a sweet taste in a smile on their face. We have provided a beautiful menu that is easy to understand and not too overwhelming with great classic flavors, as well as new delicious innovative, mouthwatering flavors for you to try and nostalgic ones for when you aren’t feeling so adventurous. We are located in the popular area of W. Main St. in Durand Wisconsin, and are here to serve you at the soonest convenience with the best ice cream, cookies, and sweet treats you will have. To make your day, sweetheart.

We provide a team that is fully staffed and, fully capable and knowledgeable of all of our products to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need. We have a variety of flavors in options, such as dairy, free and gluten free so that you will be fully confident that you have everything you need and ensure that everybody participating in your celebration will have something to eat. Durant Bakery specializes in giving quick convenient service that you will enjoy for the moment you walk in and I quickly helped. We will talk to you for a few minutes to get to know exactly what you need as well as chatting, personably, asking how your day went, and providing a family oriented experience.

We pride ourselves in providing a business that is everything you need from quality Inn ingredients, clearly needs to service, and housekeeping. at.Durant Bakery we will provide the full package to create an experience of joy, and leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth after visiting with your family. We want you to bring your kids and your friends and your kids friends to enjoy all of our sweet new flavors that we update our money with, such as cookie dough, cupcakes, cookies, and cream cupcakes. Even a peanut butter cup cupcake will surely leave them happy and smiling for the rest of the day.

Are we doing business with full honesty and respect to the quality of our ingredients, items and confidence? We are able to give our customers and provide them with items that can be easily picked up without an appointment or an order ahead so you can get in, grab all the companies needed to do the most amazing party and leave your guest world. We wanna give you a way to not wait in line, struggle with orders, and manage to get a bigger phone, but make it as easy and quick and efficient as possible by Friday. The team is ready to help you serve you and get everything fair for the moment, you walk in the door and leave everything you need the same day.

We are ready to and surprised by the flavors, service, and efficiency of our business. Give us a call at. 580-380-7777 or visitors on our website to explore some more wonderful flavors and the rest of our menu online at https://cakedupdurant.com/

Durant Bakery |Everything You Need In One Place

Durant Bakery Area with a variety of acres with her at home click all the years of service to all of our guests including my family and I might welcome you to leave without any orders we’re hustling to make appointments. We make it so easy for you to get in, get out and grab your favorite treats as I was offering you the sweet treat at $.75 ice cream when we were going for the first time as guests. Experience and will have to provide you with all of the sugar-free options to do so. We are located on the happy corner of 112 West Main St. in Wisconsin and I’ll gladly take it every walk in order that you may need shoes I was by your party needs. Our kitchen happily serves cupcakes, cake bites, home-cooked, holiday cakes, and other baked goods daily that are freshly made in house with the freshest of ingredients. We provide milkshakes, coffee, and ice cream as well, that are all homemade by our own two hands giving it at home cooked feeling good every sip you can enjoy every your morning, afternoon, and evening.

You can expect the clearest, easiest to read menu as you walk into theDurant Bakery offering up plenty of choices that range from classic chocolate strawberry to innovative, interesting flavor, such as cookie dough, cupcakes, peanut butter sandwich cookies, espresso chocolate chip, and many more delicious flavors. We offer flavors such as Nilla chocolate, and Red Velvet, as well as flavors that are seasonal, including lemon, lemon, blueberry, and pumpkin flavors in our cakes, all cooked in the house.

The Most popular cakes we offer vary in sizes from a 4 inch smash cake that feeds 3 to 4 people, a 6 inch cake, 8 inch cake, and 10 inch cake feeding up to 30 people. If you were looking for the best cake for your party at. Durant Bakery even offers a 12 inch cake that feeds 50+ people, ensuring that everyone will experience the explosion of flavor offered in our lemon, blueberry and pumpkin cakes. With a cake that good we’re sure that there will be none left and everybody will have had a feeling serving. One of the greatest things about grabbing one of our cakes for your anniversaries celebrations is the capability of adjusting the flavors inside of the cake as well as the frosting creating a perfect mix and match opportunity for you to while your guest and surprise your family.

Let us help you get a deeper vacation. We only require a minimum of four days notice pending the availability of the cakes. No need to worry about traveling. We will take your order perfectly over the phone and keep a limited supply of whole cakes on hand to choose from for all of your short notice needs as well we offer to customize your colors and frosting and add writing, and have room for you to put the order on an express rush for a small additional charge and showing that you have everything you need at the perfect timing and will not have anything else to worry about for your party concerning the treats for your guests

Give us a call today at580-380-7777 or visit us online at https://cakedupdurant.com/