Bakery Durant quickly emerged. One of the high sweetie bakeries with the highest rated reviews, three consecutive years in a row. We were family, owned and operated. That meant that we were part of the Sabrina variety of cakes, cookies, goods, and ice cream stores. as well as the highest quality of convenience for you, so you can get anyone’s job and I have to go around ordering something we’re gonna make everything easier for you. Everything is out to finish from your drinks to your ice cream, your cookies, and birthday cakes for every birthday anniversary. We put ourselves in making a quality experience. Really customers are provided with a family establishment environment that is welcoming to all and helps multiple guns. Great memories.

When there were major things about our Bakery Durant Is white lady of drinks, coffee, and milkshakes, floats, and smoothie that we offer said you were able to pick up anything you needed to go to a great party or refresh every one of your valuable, hard-working employees at your company. We offer everything is ice cold if service is at a click’s convenience because you can walk and get everything you need in a couple minutes and walk right out of the convenience store level of service, but with a home-cooked meal quality looks standard. All the answers to the first of the greens were professional, welcoming, and warm green teams that are highly knowledgeable and will get you everything you need.

We have freshly made drinks to satisfy your thirst from everything from lemonade that is freshly squeezed for only $3.59 to tropical green Matcha smoothies for $3.59, to purple Paradise barely knows me these two strawberry, banana, and coffee smoothies to bring to your next meeting. Bakery Durant offers a variety of homemade ice cream and floats ranging from single serve, to double dip, to cold brew floats like root beer floats, ranging in sizes and quantities that you can satisfy everybody who works very hard at your company.

If you want a fan of ice cream we offer a variety of coffee, hot, cocoa, and tea that is freshly made ranging from hot lattes, two iced coffees, two the most popular frappe coffees. Our teas come in anyway you would like as well, so that your meeting will be the rave of the week, and everybody will be refreshed and feeling happy and cared for as you provide them with a variety of everything you need ready from Ice-T, milk, tea, to call Drew, tomato, too much latte ranging in accommodations, such as dairy, free, sugar-free, and levels of sweetness and sweet, semi sweet, and sweet that will satisfy every personal need making it incredibly thoughtful for you to bring to your next business meeting.

You’re ready to try this amazing new sweet treat that will leave your mouth getting everything I need: some sweet salty to textures that are soft and crunchy, warm and feeling. We are here to provide you everything you need to get that amazing experience for you and your family today. Give us a call at 580-380-7777 So we can reserve a whole tray of these delicious sweet treats for you and your family to enjoy today or visit us on our website to read the full menu at

Bakery Durant | It Was An All Inclusive Spot For Your Dietary Needs.

Bakery Durant grants number one ranked Daniels as well as incredibly tasty drinks. We offer a variety of cupcakes, two cakes, two cookies and homemade in-house German ice cream. We’re going to welcome you here and will be happy to come back to a variety of items with you in a variety of flavors as well as being respected, the classic ones that have been in our tradition for many many years. It is because it has chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry. The writing of your flavors is on our social media that you can follow us and keep in touch with the latest amazing new ice cream flavors and cookie combinations. highest quality service with freshness or taste at the easiest convenience for you. we haven’t even better customers with a unique experience where they can get everything they want at one stop and we are happy to tell you that we’re all inclusive as well to your dietary needs.

You’re the greatest things about becoming our new VIP guest at our Bakery Durant is it the first time whenever you come in we offer you the option of getting Your first ice cream, that is the best highest rated most of you for your first time, being all of our vegan, and dairy, free gas, and all deserve accommodation to whatever You need according to your dietary needs to whether you were in town to get a birthday cake, or a sweet treat on your way home. We are here to run with everything you need with dairy, free, gluten-free, I agree, and high-quality home-cooked standard level sweets for you to enjoy and bring back to your family.

We have a variety of great drinks here at our Bakery Durant Reading from our house, made ice cream to float, and covered it was milkshakes with dinner, flavors and unique flavor, such as our coffee, monster, and cold brew shake that are all inclusive to our dairy, free, and begin customers. We drink that taste amazing as well as accommodating those vegan, dairy, free, gluten-free, and sugar-free requirements. We want you not to have to sacrifice and taste for quality or getting a hunk of new experience and I would love a family establishment because of your choices in diet or special needs.

As always to accommodate all of her daughter’s needs , we can come in if she needs, we offer great drinks to go with it such as special coffee, hot or iced lattes. The drinks we are going to be fully customizable are well with you, to Sugarberry, did every as we can. We are having everything you need to adjust and customize your drinks and your sweet on your way home from work and enjoy it with ease

We also offer a variety of Bakers, and carrot cake bars that are available, gluten, free, dairy, free,, and vegan sweet treat options as well so where should we give the high-quality service of high school ingredients with any of that one good taste and experience. Give us a call today at 580-380-7777 for visitors on our website at