Lauran Fuller

​Owner/Cake Designer

I am the owner of Caked Up! I grew up loving to bake but wanted my yummy treats to look as good as they tasted. In 2007, I pursued a cake decorating class. With lots of practice and 3 children later, the bakery has been my way to financially contribute to my family while keeping my kids with me. In 2014 I started Caked Up! as a specialty cake shop. Since then the business has grown into a dessert storefront that offers a wide variety of sweets. This transition has shifted the focus to a precarious balance of standard cakes and day-to-day sales. I aim to offer as much as I can to my customers while balancing my home life. With a growing family, my time is precious and I strive more than anything to put my family first. Thank you for your understanding and support of our family focused establishment!

Caked Up! is a scratch dessert bakery in the heart of downtown Durant. We service all of Texoma, including Choctaw Casino and Lake Texoma. Caked Up! evolved over the years to offer a wide variety of products that include cupcakes, cake pops, cake bites, whole cakes, cookies, brownies, lemon bars, ice cream, milkshakes, coffee, and tea. In addition, offerings now include vegan and sugar free options as well. We are always open to suggestions for new products, flavors, and ideas! We love our customers and any feedback available as we look to continually grow. Making your memories sweeter is our mission.

Meet the founder, Lauran. Lauran grew up loving to bake! Her mom cooked dinner and she made dessert. She took time as a child to cut recipes out from her grandmother’s magazines and compiled her own cookbooks. Anything sweet caught her eye. She was always playing in the kitchen and trying new recipes. She realized she had quite the knack for it, too! When she was in college, she wanted her baked goods to look as good as they tasted. So, she decided to take a cake decorating class. In 2008, Lauran took her first cake decorating class and began making birthday cakes for her family. Everyone was impressed and spurred her on to continue to nurture her talents. She continued to bake but insisted that everything be just as beautiful as it tasted, putting her skills to the test with every baked good she made.

With every birthday cake made for a family member’s birthday, more and more requests flooded in from friends. With enough requests to fill each week, Lauran’s experience quickly grew. She used this time to challenge herself and hone her skills. Her first customers during those years were beyond trusting of this novice decorator. As exciting as it was, baking was still a stress reliever for Lauran. The calm that came with being in the kitchen kept her coming back, continuing to acquire more customers. This was more than a hobby, it was a passion.

By 2013, Lauran was a young stay-at-home mom to two small children. She continued to decorate cakes as a way to financially contribute to her household. After all, if baking brought her so much joy, why wouldn’t she make a business from it? As her business grew, it began to take over her kitchen. She knew she had to rethink her home business or find a commercial space to move to. As a devoted mom, raising her children was a priority so owning her own business offered that option, allowing her to keep her children with her – when you’re the boss you get to make the rules, right?! With a space for her children to play, she took the plunge and opened Caked Up! in the spring of 2014.

In March of 2014, Caked Up! started as a specialty cake decorating studio, with no public storefront, only offering personal consultations. Lauran spent her days carefully balancing her children and orders. Within 6 months of opening, the demand for everyday products was so evident that Lauran decided to open a small storefront (in the back of the current location) that offered cupcakes and coffee in September of 2014. Lauran hired her first employee and opened to the public only 3 days per week, carefully trying to balance her family life as well. After one year of opening the cupcake storefront, the bakery carried a small variety of cookies and whole cakes and business had grown enough that a larger storefront was needed. In September of 2016, Caked Up! moved to the front of the building (current location) with a larger storefront and wider selection of baked goods that now included ice cream and operating hours five days a week. The move was a significant step in the evolution of Caked Up! that solidified it as a Downtown staple. Over the years, Caked Up! has continued to expand its product line to include various American dessert favorites that everyone adores.

The focus of the bakery has always been on bringing joy to every gathering, whether its between two people or an entire party. We want our sweet treats to enhance the atmosphere, bring a smile to people’s faces, and exceed your expectations. Come and sit with a friend over tea and a scone, or share your favorite cookie with all your wedding guests. Spread the happiness. Sprinkle it around generously. Everything is made in house, from scratch, with a sprinkle of love. We don’t make anything that we don’t personally love. Sharing that love is our goal, from our family to yours.

The bakery has grown significantly over the years but Lauran’s commitment to her family has not faltered. Her children have grown up in the bakery and been given an experience of a lifetime, learning to count money, read recipes, and sweep floors. The time given to growing not only the business but her family has been nothing short of a blessing. As Lauran’s role has changed over the years, she is able to delegate more of the day-to-day duties as she focuses on the overall growth of the bakery. This gives her the ability, once more, to give more to her family. Sharing that commitment and love with you and your family is key. We want to inspire you to chase your dreams but fiercely love those around you, give generously but work intentionally. Here’s to sharing the joy, spreading the happiness, and sprinkling the love!

Thank you for supporting our locally owned, small, family business with BIG dreams that you are a part of. We look forward to supporting our community more and more as our business grows. We want to give back to our faithful customers who have allowed us to trip, stumble, and fall through the growth of Caked Up! Your gracious support has created a destination spot that everyone that passes through can enjoy and be blessed by. Here’s to the future, and all the love we can spread, one treat at a time.